2020 International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of papers:
Oct. 01, 2020
Notification of Acceptance / Rejection:
Oct. 08, 2020
Conference Dates:
Oct. 28-29, 2020

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Call for Papers

The expected areas of conference discussion:

Current issues of theoretical and applied linguistics

Topical issues of teaching methods of native and foreign languages

Applied issues of translation and intercultural communication

Translation problems and theoretical foundations of discourse analysis

General questions of communication theory and practice

Interdisciplinary studies of culture and intercultural communication

Theory of intercultural communication

Manifestation and preservation of national and social identity in the era of globalization

National literature and language personality

Modern technologies in mass communication

Language in the space of mass communication

Linguistic, socio-cultural, legal, and ethical aspects of language communication in the media space

Global communications and global cultural codes

Formation and broadcasting of global cultural codes in the media, literature, and cinema

Other issues in the interrelated fields of Language, Communication and Culture

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